Online Etiquette Expectations for Students

These standards of conduct apply to both formal and informal communication within all online courses. 

Personal Conduct

This standard applies to both formal and informal discussions within your course.

Show respect for others.

  • Always ask yourself ‘would I say this to a person’s face?’
  • Avoid offensive language.
  • Be tolerant of diverse opinions and perspectives.

Communication Procedures

These standards apply primarily to formal communications including discussion forums, course mail, drop boxes and other instructor-assigned topics.

  1. Responses must be more than a simple agreement or disagreement.
  1. Do not be afraid to disagree with others in the group.
  2. If you agree or disagree, choose a position and defend it while respecting the opinions of others.
  3.  Make sure discussions are intellectual, not emotional.
  4. Point out mistakes politely.
  1. Course communication must follow directions for the specific assignment.
    1. Submit using the appropriate tool—drop box, discussion forum, course mail, etc.
    1. Respond in a timely manner and stay focused on the discussion topic.
    1. Follow the format specified by the instructor.
  1. Proofread submissions carefully.
  2. Observe rules of grammar, punctuation, and spelling including avoiding the use of slang, Internet abbreviations, or lingo.
  3. Make sure what you write makes sense.
  1. Plagiarism will result in a zero.  Students should contact their instructor if they do not completely understand plagiarism.