What is Elite Learning?

The Southwest Virginia Education and Training Network (SVETN) is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit corporation governed by educators. The SVETN was established in response to a need to increase curriculum offerings in small rural schools throughout southwestern Virginia. Organized originally for the purpose of facilitating instruction by interactive video, within the past decade other distance learning modes have emerged. The SVETN is headquartered in Abingdon at the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center and staffed by two full-time and one part-time employee.

In 2004, SVETN launched Elite Learning, a program of asynchronous online courses in its seventeenth year serving the students of southwestern Virginia. Elite is an acronym for Experience Learning Innovation and Teaching Excellence. SVETN serves the educational needs of learners in Bland, Buchanan, Carroll, Dickenson, Grayson, Lee, Russell, Scott, Smyth, Tazewell, Washington, Wise, Wythe, and the cities of Norton, Bristol, and Galax.

Most courses offered by Elite Learning are dual enrollment, meaning students receive both high school and college credit for the same coursework.  Elite Learning provides SVETN member high schools with a selection of courses taught by college adjuncts who use an Internet based Learning Management System (LMS), called Canvas.  Canvas supports a combination of rigorous collaborative and self-paced activities conducted at the learner’s computer.

Classes are asynchronous.  That is, students may proceed at their own speed, on their own time within a flexible calendar framework.  Thus, the scheduling of in-school work time also is conveniently flexible. Any school schedule can be accommodated since Elite Learning classes are offered in both semester and yearlong formats.

Nineteen fully developed and tested online courses approved for Virginia high school graduation and community college credits will be offered during the 2021-2022 school year.

  • College Composition – ENG 111-112 (6 credits)
  • Business Law I-II – BUS 241-242 (6 credits)
  • Civil War and Reconstruction/America in Gilded Age – HIS 269-270 (6 credits) VHCC, MECC & SWCC Only
  • Quantitative Reasoning – MTH 154 (3 credits) VHCC, MECC & SWCC Only
  • Creative Writing – ENG 211 (3 credits) VHCC & MECC Only
  • Survey of Criminal Justice – ADJ 100 (3 credits)
  • Survey of Criminology – ADJ 107 (3 credits) VHCC, WCC & MECC Only
  • S. Government – PLS 135-136 (6 credits)
  • S. History – HIS 121-122 (6 credits)
  • Introduction to Business – BUS 100 (3 credits)
  • Statistical Reasoning – MTH 155 (3 credits) VHCC, MECC & SWCC Only
  • Principles of Psychology – PSY 200 (3 credits)
  • Principles of Sociology – SOC 200 (3 credits)
  • Survey of American Literature ENG 241-242 (6 credits) VHCC, MECC & WCC Only
  • Developmental Psychology – PSY 230 (3 credits) VHCC, SWCC & WCC Only
  • International Relations I – PLS 241 (3 credits) VHCC Only
  • Introduction to Conflict Resolution – PLS 250 (3 credits) VHCC Only
  • Medical Terminology – HLT 113 or HLT 143 (3 credits) VHCC & WCC Only