Objectives of SVETN

Objective One—Increase Dual Enrollment Opportunities

SVETN’s Elite Learning will increase the number of dual enrollment opportunities available to students throughout Southwest Virginia. Since 2008, enrollment has grown from 130 to 1,192 students in 2016-2017 school year. This trend is expected to continue. As many as 24 schools from 10 school districts have taken advantage of the academic opportunities Elite Learning provides. School divisions currently participating in Elite Learning include Bland, Buchanan, Smyth, Washington, Scott, Wythe, Dickenson, Tazewell, and the cities of Bristol and Norton.

Objective Two— Impact Low and Moderate Income Families

SVETN’s Elite Learning students may have reduced tuition expenses. Most students who participate in Elite Learning course pay much less for their course as a dual-enrollment option than a traditional community college course. The expense for students is determined by each school division.

Objective Three—Provide Opportunity for Students to Get a Head Start on College Career

SVETN’s Elite Learning students will earn college credits giving them a head start on their college education. Students who successfully complete an Elite Learning course receive 3 or 6 college credit from their local community college. These colleges include Virginia Highlands Community College, Wytheville Community College, Southwest Virginia Community College, and Mountain Empire Community College. Since 2008, students have received a total of 16,137 college credits. Upon successful completion of courses, students will earn an additional 4,767 college credits during the 2016-2017 school year.

Objective Four—Increase Financial Literacy of Students

SVETN’s Elite Learning students participating in Economics and Personal Finance will be exposed to financial literacy education. All high schools in Virginia face a new requirement to provide this course to all students before graduation. With limited financial resources, it can be a challenge for small high schools to find adequate classroom space and instructors to meet this mandate. Elite Learning will offer the course in two formats. Student may take the course for high school credit only as well as a dual enrollment option with students earning three college credits for Finance 107 at their local community college. Each course is designed to meet or exceed all Career and Technical Education competencies for Virginia Public Schools.

Objective Five—Maintain High Academic Standards

SVETN’s Elite Learning will maintain high academic standards of all students. Elite Learning students have historically experienced tremendous success academically. Over 94% of students have earned a “C” or higher average in their course with 58% of those students earning an “A” average. This is due in part to the one-on-one teaching approach supported by Elite Learning instructors. School guidance counselors will be notified every three weeks with student grades. Instructors will contact guidance counselors individually at any point there is concern that a student is not exhibiting academic success. The goal is for all students to achieve a minimum grade of a 70/C.

Objective Six—Ensure Content Meets Established Standards

SVETN’s Elite Learning will provide curriculum that meets or exceeds all Virginia Department of Education Career and Technical Education competencies and Standards of Learning. SVETN will also meet all standards of quality adopted by the Virginia Community College System. Curriculum material will be provided to community colleges for approval.