Late Work Policy for Students

It is your responsibility to be logged in every school day.  Students are expected to work on course assignments for a minimum of 60 minutes per school day.  If you are absent or unable to log on, please send a message explaining your absence as soon as possible.  If you do not log on for more than three school days in a row, your guidance counselor will be contacted.

This is a college course, and you are expected to plan ahead for due dates and give yourself plenty of time to complete all work.  DO NOT wait until the last minute.  For example, if a writing assignment is open for an entire week, but you wait until ten minutes before the assignment closes and experience a technical problem, you will not be given an extension because ample time was provided for you to submit your work. Plan accordingly if you will be out of school on trips.  All work must be completed before leaving for a school trip to prevent them from being late.  Due dates are located on the calendar and throughout the course.

If you do not turn in an assignment on the deadline, you will be allowed to submit it with point deductions for one week (exceptions may apply).  For example:  If assignment is due on August 10, you will have until August 17 to submit it for partial credit.  There will be an automatic 25-point deduction for all late submissions.

  • Sue doesn’t turn in her work by the August 10 deadline.  On August 11, the instructor posted the following into Sue grade book:
    • Example comment in gradebook:  (8-11) This assignment was due on August 10 but not submitted.  You may submit the work until August 17 with a 25-point deduction. If there are extenuating circumstances that have prevented you from submitted this assignment, please contact me as soon as possible.  The zero will be removed after the assignment if submitted.
  • Sue turns in her work three days late.  After grading the assignment, her instructor believes it is quality work.  He assigns her a 90 BUT he then deducts 25 points because the assignment was late.  Sue will see a 65 in the grade book.  Students will be made aware of the last day to submit the assignment within the grade book.
  • If Sue doesn’t turn in her assignment by the final deadline, she will see an additional statement in her grade book.  (8-18) This assignment is now closed.  It was not submitted by the final deadline.  You may longer submit this assignment for a grade. 

Exceptions to the late work policy will only be allowed IF a documented excuse is provided by your school’s guidance counselor or administrative staff (illness, family emergency, etc.).  Email the teacher if problems occur so they can be handled on a one-on-one basis. Please be aware that SVETN’s schedule requires that we adhere to deadlines, even when schools are closed.  If you have internet access at home, continue to log in and participate in class even if your school is closed.  If you do not have home internet access, it is your responsibility to inform the instructor at the beginning of the semester.