August 15, 2019 First official day of classes. Are you ready?

There are a few other details that you need to take care of before you officially begin working in your course. 

  • Complete College Application for Admission and all required paperwork for the community college.  Requirements are listed on Page 9 of your Elite Learning Guide for Students
  • Take placement tests if required (may be waived with appropriate SAT or ACT scores).  Student who do not pass placement test will NOT receive college credit for coursework.  Contact school counselors for more information (if needed)
  • Pay all required tuition to guidance counselor or community college (if needed)
  • Complete the Elite Learning Student Participation Form and return to your guidance department (Page 26-27 in the Elite Learning Guide for Students)
  • Make sure you have a textbook on the first day of class. Speak to your counselor if unsure where to obtain a book.

Visit your local community college to obtain a student ID and library pass (optional)