Youth in Government Day

Students in United States Government class, PLS 211-212, at Tazewell High School participated in Youth in Government activities at the Town of Tazewell on Tuesday, April 5, 2016. The event was held in observance of Local Government Education Week in Virginia. More than 40 students from Tazewell High School who are enrolled in PLS 211-212 through the Southwest Education and Training Network which sponsored this event in cooperation with Tazewell High School and the Town of Tazewell. Students spent the day shadowing a variety of Town of Tazewell employees from the town manager through many department heads and other essential members of the town's workforce. Those departments included administration, finance department, public works department, water department, waste water department, recreation department, fire department , and police department. Students are pictured throughout the day as they explored the functions of the various Town of Tazewell departments and discussed the role of town governments in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Tazewell is one of 191 towns in the Commonwealth of Virginia and one of five such towns in Tazewell County. The Town of Tazewell is also the county seat of Tazewell County.