Survey of Criminal Justice Students visit Barter Theater for "Thicker Than Water" production


On Sunday, September 22nd, the Survey of Criminal Justice Class was able to attend the Barter Production of “Thicker than Water”.  The play depicted the true story of Andrea Yates, portraying the various dates leading up to and following the drowning of her five children on June 20, 2001.  The play used real words from the court transcripts, police interviews, and media coverage surrounding this tragic and horrific event.  After having assignments on the insanity plea and this particular case, those attending were intrigued by the play, actors, and material presented. 

It was a great opportunity for all who attended!




 Student remarks:

I really enjoyed the play! The way the actress portrayed Andrea Yates was very
real. It made me feel like I was at the actual interrogation room. The way she
said 'yes' was exactly how crazy people really sound! When Andrea was drowning
the children she did it so calmly, and with no remorse which also added to the
feelings she was having. The little boy seemed like he was so innocent while he
was eating the cereal. The play was awesome and I really enjoyed it!!      -Caroline K.


I really enjoyed the play, I thought the acting was very professional. I am
glad that I got a chance to go see it with you and my fellow classmates.   -Derrick B.       


I thought that Thicker Than Water, although very sad, was very interesting and
provided good insight for a popular case. I have never saw a play or movie that
touched a subject like the case of Andrea Yates and I think the cast and
writers did an excellent job. The play made it possible to see all sides of the
story and left you wondering what really made Andrea kill her children and what
actions could have been taken to prevent it from happening.     -Heather W.


Thicker Than Water was an amazing play that really caught the details and
emotion that were probably more than likely. The actors and actresses were
beyond outstanding with their performance! The amount of information that the
performers learned to preform the play was unbeleivable. They really were
dedicated to making this play the best it could be.   -Christa R.


I enjoyed the play so much I have been trying to get my boyfriend to take me to
see Kiss Me Kate. The actors and actresses at Barter are amazing! The play was
a tear jerker the whole way through. I feel like the case was portrayed very
well and it was even more intriguing to learn that most of it was straight from
the interrogation room and actual quotes from the people going through it.    -Taylor B.