Elite Learning students Emma B. and Lauren Q. spoke at the SVETN Board of Directors Meeting held on Thursday, April 11, 2013 at the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center.  Both students spoke about their positive learning experiences with Elite Learning.




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Business Students Attend Workshop Sponsored by People, Inc.

Students enrolled in Introduction to Business taught by Mrs. Sonia Vanhook met at the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center in Abingdon, VA on November 30, 2012 and participated in a business workshop sponsored by People, Incorporated.  The workshop presenter was Ms. Cindy Green.  Students found the workshop to be  most informative.

Kelsey S.

When I attended to workshop provided by People Inc. (building futures, realizing dreams) I learned a great amount about business. The workshop included the topics; why to have a business plan, how to finance your business, your customer service in your business, and how to promote your business through social media.   The speaker Cindy Green was very informative about how to keep great credit, and how important that is for our futures.  She also touched on social media and how far just a little can go online; Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.  Overall the entire workshop was fantastic.  I would like to attend the next one.



Charles B.

The workshop was extremely informative and was excellently presented. The workshop covered different types of businesses, how to start a business, and ways businesses fail. The presenter also covered People Incorporated, an organization dedicated to helping new small businesses get started. The presenter got everyone involved, which is a way of keeping the attention of the audience. Overall, this was an excellent workshop.


Destiny F.

I found the field trip I attended Friday to be very helpful and full of information. I learned a large sum of concepts dealing with business procedures and development. The workshop taught me that in Virginia it is highly possible to start a small business. We have organizations in our state that helps small business owners become successful. I really enjoyed the visit and was filled with useful knowledge about business.


Breanna L.

The workshop that I attended on Friday was very informative and educational to me in many ways. It really made me think about the business I chose to pursue for this class and I learned that there are many things to take into account before opening a business, such as if it is really something that people will buy if times got hard. I learned that the type of advertising I would do all depends on the trigger market I’m trying to reach. It also helped me to learn about the financial side of a business and how to work out the financial plan in a business plan if I did ever wish to start my own business. This workshop was definitely something that I would recommend to anyone who was starting a business because I learned so much from it myself.


Erika B.

On the field trip to Abingdon, we learned about the various types of management systems like sole proprietorships, partnerships, etc. and the pros/cons of each. Ms. Green discussed the social networking sites that could advertise our businesses for a fraction of paper costs. She also went into detail about customer service and how adequate service could always bring customers back. I think the most informative part was when she went over the projected balance sheets and the credit reports. Now that I’m 18, I can appreciate the value of a credit report and now I know how to file one correctly! I thought this was one of the most informative workshops that I’ve been to.


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SVETN Sponsors “Quality Matters in Teaching”  Workshop

On September 21, 2012, the Southwest Virginia Education and Training Network sponsored a workshop titled “Quality Matters in Teaching.”  Elite Learning instructors as well as selected professors from UVA-Wise were in attendance.  Charles Boling, the Coordinator
Library & Instructional Support Services for Virginia Highlands Community College, was the workshop presenter.  This workshop familiarized the instructors with standards necessary for building and evaluating the design of online, hybrid and face-to-face courses.  The primary objective was to utilize these standards to ensure that students achieve the desired learning outcomes. This professional development was an effective way for instructors to perform a self-evaluation of their course design.  Elite Learning instructors ended the day by creating a personal plan of action, which they will use to make changes to their courses.

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Elite Learning Offers New Course to Seniors

Elite Learning will offer United States Government during the 2012-2013 school year.  Few students have had an opportunity to earn dual enrollment credit for their Senior level government course.  Elite Learning adopted this new course to the new curricular offerings.  Amanda Robinson, a government instructor in Tazewell County Public Schools, will teach the course.

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Elite Learning Impacts Local School Division

Throughout southwestern Virginia, high school students are participating in an increasing number of online courses.  A variety of online curricular opportunities are available to academically advanced students in our region, including A. Linwood Holton Governor’s School, Virtual Virginia, and Elite Learning.  Elite Learning was established eight years ago as a service of the Southwest Virginia Education and Training Network (SVETN) consortium.  Through Elite Learning, fourteen online courses are available to junior and senior students.  Currently, twenty-one high schools participate in this program, including students from the counties of Smyth, Tazewell, Washington, Dickenson, Scott, Wythe, Wise, and the City of Norton. 

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