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Introduction to Elementary Statistics

MTH 146: Introduction to Elementary Statistics

Introduces the methods of statistics including sampling from normally distributed populations, estimation, regression, testing of hypotheses, point and interval estimation methods. Prerequisites: a placement recommendation for MTH 146 and Algebra I or equivalent. 3 credits

**Prerequisite Introduction to Elementary Statistics:  A prerequisite means students are not allowed to take this course unless they have a placement recommendation.  This is determined by a test given by the community college to make sure students have enough mathematical knowledge to take this course.  Successful completion of Algebra I or equivalent with also meet the prerequisite for this course. Parents and/or students should speak to their school’s guidance counselor make sure qualifications have been met. 


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About The Instructor

Sherri Gardner
Sherri Gardner

Sherri Gardner is a mathematics instructor at Gate City High School, Virginia Highlands Community College and Northeast State Community College. She has a B.A. degree in mathematics from the University of Virginia at Wise and a M.S. degree in mathematics from East Tennessee State University. In...

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