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College Algebra

MTH 158: College Algebra

Covers the structure of complex number systems, polynomials, rational expressions, graphing, systems of equations and inequalities and functions, quadratic and rational equations and inequalities. Prerequisites: a placement recommendation. 3 credits.

**Prerequisite College Algebra: A prerequisite means students are not allowed to take this course unless they have a placement recommendation.  This is determined by a test given by the community college to make sure students have enough mathematical knowledge to take this course.  Parents and/or students should speak to their school’s guidance counselor make sure qualifications have been met.

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About The Instructor

Mary Beth Greer
Mary Beth Greer

Mary Beth Greer holds a BA in Biology from Emory and Henry College and a Master Degree in Mathematics Education from the University of Virginia. Throughout her teaching career, she has taught in the fields of math and science. Currently, Mary Beth teaches Algebra 1, Dual Enrollment Precalculus,...

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