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Civil War and Reconstruction / America in the Gilded Age

HIS 269-270: Civil War and Reconstruction / America in the Gilded Age

This course is a reading-intensive survey of America in the mid- to late nineteenth century.  The class will study and explore the factors leading to the division between North and South and the military, social, political, and economic aspects of the war, as well as Reconstruction.  The course will also explore the major developments and themes that defined American life between 1870 and 1900.  Reading assignments will come from the textbook, as well as from numerous collected primary and secondary Internet source materials. 

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America: A Concise History, Fourth Edition
Authors: James A. Henretta, David Brody, Lynn Dumenil
Publisher: New York-Bedford/St. Martin's
ISBN: 0-312-48541-7
Ordering Info: This book is available through traditional book sellers.

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Joey Shipley
Joey Shipley

Joey Shipley is an instructor of Honors English 9, Honors English 10, English 11, SAT/ACT Prep, and 20th Century History at Twin Springs High School where he also coaches the scholastic bowl. He is a graduate of East Tennessee State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in...

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