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American Literature 1 & II

ENG 241 & 242: American Literature 1 & II

Examines American literary works from colonial times to the present, emphasizing the ideas and characteristics of our national literature. Involves critical reading and writing. Prerequisite ENG 112 or divisional approval. Prerequisite: ENG 112 or written approval from community college. 6 credits


The Bedford Anthology of American Literature
Authors: Susan Belasco, Linck Johnson
Publisher: Beford/St. Martin’s
ISBN: ISBN-13: 978-0312678692 ISBN-10: 031267869X
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About The Instructor

Rhonda Simmerman
Rhonda Simmerman

Rhonda Simmerman is a graduate of Radford University with a Master of Arts degree in English.  She has taught English 111/112 part-time for Wytheville Community College for twenty years. Ms. Simmerman enjoys writing in many forms; she has worked as the adviser of school newspaper, literary...

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